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Spanish Sunshine Adventures

Spanish Sunshine on the Costa Blanca

We came to the Costa Blanca and more specifically to Cumbre del Sol to have 6 weeks of Spanish Sunshine.  We did not leave disappointed.  Our first stop in Spain was Seville.  You can read about our adventures of driving from Albufeira in Portugal to Seville and then onto Porto here.  What we did realise was that we wanted more time in Spain so we planned to come back and when we did, it was to this beautiful location.

If you come to the mediterranean coast of Spain it is worth taking some time to visit the town of Moraira.  We loved Moraira and met lots of local and international visitors.  What we did notice was that there are many English who have retired to Moraira and are now enjoying a proper dose of sunshine.  Good choice! What’s not to love about that.

Visit Moraira and its Beaches

Situated an hour between Alicante  (to the South) and Valencia (to the North) the town of Moraira is a perfect stop before and after the chaos of the larger cities.  With a summer temperature ranging between 28 – 31 in summer.

About 20 mins from the infamous Benidorm, it has all the charm and beauty of a coastal town without the party atmosphere of  Benidorm.   Moraira offers a much more laidback experience and while there are plenty of clubs and nightlife, it was not something we were looking for.

Spanish Dancers

These gorgeous Spanish ladies in their dresses were very happy to pose with our possums

It is so easy to get to this pretty town. Buses run directly from the airport to Moraira. Or hire a car. We had a little car that was aptly named the buzz box, but it was needed as we were at the top of  Cumbre del Sol and there was no public transport.


Cumbre del Sol

Cumbre del Sol

Cumbre del Sol – Spanish Holiday Homes

This gorgeous Spanish Holiday Home ‘estate’ was perfect for our 6 week stop.  We actually considered staying for longer. There is a fantastic international school Laude Lady Elizabeth 5 minutes walk and they have exceptional facilities. We were there during the summer holidays so we didn’t get the chance to take the kids to have a look. But we are working ways to go back.  This little ‘town’ has a beautiful pool with it’s own very strict lifeguards – no ball games!

To book this property or any others you can have a look through Airbnb just here

Airbnb upturned suitcase







Colourful Houses of Cumbre del Sol

Colourful Houses of Cumbre del Sol

Restaurante La Cumbre – Spanish Food and Sunsets

This restaurant is perched on top of the hill and has the most expansive outlook.  With a backdrop of many Spanish villas and holiday homes the view is stunning. Looking out to the ocean it feels like you can see forever.  The food here is delicious and with a pool that can be used by any diner, any time, our kids were in heaven. As were we!  The kids happily entertained themselves in the pool for hours, while we soaked up the Spanish sunshine, the views and the Sangria!

Restaurante La Cumbre

What could be better than a Restaurant with a pool! Oh and an incredible view.

Spanish sunset over Cala Moraig and Cumbre del Sol

This is an evening view over the tops of holiday homes to the sea as the sunset.  This was perfect way to finish up each evening.  The menu is wide ranging and of course there are lots of different options, including pizza and paella.  We couldn’t go past having paella each time we were here. But the kids were happy with pizza and.  There is also an early snack bar type menu, but this is only available during the day, come 6pm the restaurant switches over to the dinner menu.  While we sat outside and enjoyed a very casual setting, it is possible to sit inside the restaurant and have a silver service type dinner.  This is not our thing so we opted for enjoying the outdoors and the sunsets!

Sunset from Restaurante La Cumbre

Sunset from Restaurante La Cumbre

Cala Moraig

This little pebble beach was reached by driving down the most ridiculously steep road.  Walking down would be ok, but back up… nope not doing it!  So nearly every morning we would all throw our swimmers on and jump in the buzz box and drive down to this amazing spot!  We would try and be here by 7am to avoid the crowds.  It is hard to believe that this little cove is full of people and they all start to arrive as we leave around 7.30am.  This was a perfect way to wake up each morning.  The water was so salty we could all float around and I am sure that I would have been able to read a book, given the chance! Cala del MoraigCala del Moraig – our favourite early morning swimming spot

One of the most beautiful things I noticed was the dramatic change in light.  This beautiful orangey early morning light would change throughout the day and become so much brighter and hotter as the day wore on.  Although it is hard to imagine this little beach gets absolutely packed with people. We preferred the quiet mornings down here to the craziness of packed pebble beaches, so used the pool at Cumbre del Sol during the day.


Boardwalk Cala Moraig

The walk to Cala Moraig


The Tomb of Christopher Columbus at the Seville Cathedral

The Seville Cathedral and the Tomb of Christopher Columbus

I have always wanted to come to Spain. I remember joking with friends that if they couldn’t find me, I would be on a Spanish beach somewhere eating olives and drinking Sangria!  So when we talked about going to Seville to find the Tomb of Christopher Columbus (actually not the only reason) and begin my love affair with Spain in ernest, I was pretty excited.

Spanish Sunshine, Flamenco, Guitars, Olives and Sangria – here we come!


Spanish Olives, Sangria and Sunshine

Spanish Olives, Sangria and Sunshine


So here we are in Seville. And it is everything I had hoped for!  Our Airbnb host is amazing. He took us to visit his brothers restaurant and we tried Jamón Serrano, marinated olives and the freshest Sangria ever!  What a super legend.  Honestly Airbnb has been the best way for us to travel. Here is link if your interested in booking yourself somewhere fabulous while in Seville too

Airbnb upturned suitcase

Seville Cathedral and The tomb of Christopher Columbus

The Seville Cathedral is the largest gothic cathedral in the world and is the third largest cathedral in the world.  It houses the remains of Christopher Columbus within a magnificent tomb held aloft by four symbolic figures representing the four kingdoms of Spain that existed during Christopher Columbus’ life.  These are Castille, Aragon, Navara, and Leon. Seville Cathedral was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.  The kids loved the idea that this was the tomb of a man that had explored the world.  It started many conversations about exploration, human rights, adventure and discovery.

Seville Cathedral

La Giralda

Climb the 35 storey ramp to the very top of the bell tower and take in the views across Seville.  This beautiful bell tower was originally built as a minaret and the ramp to the 35th floor is wide and tall enough for a person to ride a horse! There are 17 steps  up to the bell tower which was added by the Christians.  Walking up to the top was a challenge for the kids and each floor that we got to would elicit a cry of ‘are we there yet?’ Once we were at the top it was  a fantastic view of Seville (however it was accompanied by some howling about ‘now we have to walk all the way down!’)

I wish I had known about these tours from Get your Guide before we went as it would have been really good to have someone to explain what we are actually seeing.  Unfortunately I do my reviewing of places back to front and often places are a complete and delightful surprise. Take the tour here.

Maria Luisa Park

The grounds that make up the Maria Luisa Park were donated in 1893 by the Duchess of Montpensier.  These were the gardens of the Palace of San Telmo.  In 1929 the gardens of Maria Luisa Park were host to the Ibero-American Exposition.  This was 19 years in the making as work on the surrounding buildings started in 1911 with Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier as the principal architect.


It is possible to hire a little four wheel bike/buggy for an hour.  This was a perfect way for us to get the kids around the park.  With 100 acres of plants, trees, shrubs, fountains and nooks and crannies there was not a chance it was going to happen any other way. The park was a cool oasis, away from the heat in Seville.  The bike kept the kids entertained for the whole hour as we all took turns to drive.  From the looks of laughter and terror on passerby’s faces I think we may have entertained everyone else as well.

Biking around Maria Luisa Park in S

Enjoying biking around Maria Luisa Park in Seville


Plaza De Espana

The Plaza De Espana is magnificent with its artificial lake and incredible tiled alcoves representing the different provinces of Spain.  Built for the exposition to represent Spain, it is now used for Government offices.  All the buildings that were built for the exposition were all designed to be used after the exposition and now hold various museums (history, science and art) as well as being used as consulates.


Spanish Plaza




We went to La Casa Del Flamenco and for 18 Euros each (no discount for children) we expected it to be amazing.  We were not disappointed.  The venue is small and intimate.  The entrance looks like a small theatre but inside it felt like walking into a Spanish courtyard, which is, in fact, where we were.  A small raised stage, surrounded by seats, it was so intimate and we were so close that we could feel the heat from the dancers.  The Spanish guitars played first.  And then the Flamenco.  It was like watching a passionate relationship unfold before us.  It was worth it.  My daughter was smitten and begged us to find a dress and shoes for her which she has worn proudly for the last 3 months.
Experience Flamenco
 with Get your Guide.


Flamenco Dancing

We have had the pleasure of staying in Spain for 2 months on the Costa Blanca, infamously known for Benidorm and hopefully better known for its incredible mediterranean beaches and impressive coast line.  Read more about Moraira here.