Noosa Main Beach – The perfect mix of beauty and accessibility

Noosa Main Beach – The perfect mix of beauty and accessibility

Noosa Main Beach – The perfect mix of beauty and accessibility

Noosa Main Beach

Noosa Main Beach or Laguna Bay, is not only a beautiful beach but also has many other features that make it an incredible place to visit and live. This place holds a piece of my heart. Being lucky enough to grow up here, I am so grateful to be able to call Noosa home.

Noosa Main Beach
Noosa Main Beach courtesy of Rebecca Colefax Photography

Laguna Bay or Noosa Main Beach

Laguna Bay faces North which protects it from onshore wind and has created a protected bay. I can safely say that not all bays are created equal. This is not your average bay. Noosa Main Beach or Laguna Bay is ideal for families as the water is warm and generally the current is not strong as well as being protected by First Point or the headland.  This protection also ensure that the beach sees very few stingers or blue bottles.

The water temperature averages 22 – 24 degrees celsius all year round, which makes it perfect to swim all year round. There is also a dedicated lifeguards that patrol the throughout the year.

The boardwalk extends from one end of the beach to the other. You can walk from First Point all the way down to the groin. Taking in the sea views or stopping for a coffee or lunch at one of the many restaurants that line the boardwalk.

Noosa Main Beach Boardwalk
Noosa Main Beach Boardwalk

Noosa National Park

The Noosa National Park has an idilic view of Laguna Bay and the Pacific Ocean, it is possible to walk around from Noosa to Sunshine Beach.  Taking in spectacular scenery that can include dolphins, turtles and between May to November whales during their migration.  The coastal track is my favourite.  It has an easy, wheelchair/pushchair accessible track up to Boiling Pot, which provides breathtaking views back towards Main Beach and around the point to Tea Tree and Granite Bay.  Following this track around through the National Park it is possible to find fairy rock pools, see koalas and find yourself a piece of paradise.

Little Cove

Boiling Pot

Tea Tree Bay

Granite Bay

Hells Gate

Alexandra Bay

Fairy Pools

Noosa Main Beach
Sunrise over Noosa First Point and Noosa Main Beach courtesy of Rebecca Colefax Photography

A Surf Break Off First Point

How is it possible to have a safe beach for families and a perfect long board surf break at the same place?!  Noosa Main Beach does.  Each year the Noosa Festival of Surfing has its annual competition, surrounded by perfect waves, beautiful beach and great restaurants!  In July 2014 this break was designated a National Surfing Reserve. It is also a proposed site to for a World Surfing Reserve.

Noosa National Surfing Reserves
Photo National Surfing Reserves – Noosa

Accommodation at Noosa Main Beach – Hastings Street

Some of the best accommodation in Noosa is on Hastings Street. This means you will have views of Laguna Bay, easy access to shopping and the beach. It also means you will pay a premium for this location. Some of our favourite places to stay along Hastings Street would have to be Tingirana. With an infinity pool looking out to the Laguna Bay and one of the best restaurants supplying room service – Season Restaurant – you really can’t go wrong!

Alternate Accommodation to Noosa Main Beach

Alternatively you can consider other areas of Noosa that will also give you access to Noosa Main Beach and Hastings Street as well as the beach and restaurants, but will cost you less.


Noosa has some amazing restaurants.  Hastings Street, which is the main strip which runs the length of Noosa Main Beach has  many dining options.  From the Noosa Heads Surf Club, where you can get bistro style meals, perfect for families and large groups and the best view of Noosa Main Beach and Laguna Bay, to fine dining experiences with Sails, Bistro C and Season Restaurant.  Personally I can’t go past Season Restaurant, the food, the staff and the outlook are something very special.

Season Restaurant View of Noosa Main Beach
The view of Noosa Main Beach from Season



Hastings Street has many boutique shops, tourist shops and high street brand name stores.  Perfect for gift shopping, birthday presents or just that little something that you really ‘need’.  I highly recommend checking out Lamington for its unique and humorous store front windows and perfect presents (for yourself or friends) inside.


Noosa truly is the most beautiful beach in Australia and it has so much more to offer.  Have you been to Noosa? leave a comment below.

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