3 places to enjoy Japanese Cherry Blossom

Japanese Cherry Blossom season is blooming amazing!! Dreadful pun, I know.  This was totally unplanned seeing the Cherry Blossom.  We had planned to come to Japan for 10 days, what we had not planned on was Cherry Blossom Season also known as Hanami.  The Japanese call the Cherry Blossom Sakura!  Everywhere you look there is a blanket of pinks and whites over the trees.  It is stunning.  And we are not the only ones that think so.  If you are planning on heading to Japan during Cherry Blossom season make sure you book ahead of time as accommodation can be hard to come by.  We explored Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo during this time.  We had 3 days in each place and would definitely like to come back to Japan to spend more time here, particularly to visit Hiroshima and then to head further North up towards Sapporo.

The main ingredients in Cherry Blossom viewing is to grab your friends, some beers and a blue tarpaulin and head to the local parks and kick back.

Sakura Hanami

Itadakimasu Anime


Osaka Castle

This magnificent castle was built in 1583 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi to unify Japan. With over 4300 cherry trees on the grounds there is a perfect vantage place everywhere.  A lot of people particularly like Nishinomaru Park, with its vast garden and views of the castle and surrounding cherry blossom it is a perfect spot for a picnic and Hanami party.

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle


Kyoto is incredible during cherry blossom season and it is difficult to choose just one place to view the beauty of the cherry blossom. Our favourite had to be…


As you arrive into Arashiyama by train it is easy to see why this is such a gorgeous spot for a picnic and Hanami.  Cherry trees line the banks of the  Katsura River.  Many people come to have picnics and celebrate the beauty of the season. Taking a boat along the Katsura River is a perfect way to take in all the beauty of the surrounding cherry blossom and to escape the crowds of people that gather here.



Imperial Palace

While Tokyo is better recognised for the crazy Shinjuku crosswalk scramble, there are some gorgeous places to see Cherry Blossom.  Our favourite was from the Imperial Palace.  Taking a walk along the moat and then hiring a row-boat to travel beneath the blossoms with the towering walls beside us was truly amazing.

While this was a highlight for hubby and I, the kids were smitten with ASIMO at the Honda Welcome Plaza.  Being able to finally meet ASIMO and interact with him was possibly more exciting for them than our gorgeous cherry blossom tour!